Ni Kubi

Fruit is an essential part of a balanced life.

Ichi ban me no spoon

Tea ceremony in style, by scooping those herbal remedies into some hot liquid using a hand carved Ash wood spoon.

Ahanoa Tekau Ma Tahi

Tuangi and spoons sitting in stoneware containers. Black and white internal glaze available.

Ahanoa Tekau

Light & dark Salad Spoons serving up the heat.

Ahanoa Iwa

Sly snapper hiding behind small salt & pepper vessels.

Ahanoa Waru

White clay Rimu ash tiles & strawberry milk.

Ahanoa Whitu

White plate with black sand, jelly, hair clippings & small hand carved spoon.

Ahanoa Ono

Pot on a handle, warm chocolate milk & banana dippy dips.

Ahanoa Rima

Small carved wooden spoon floating in last nights strawberry sponge milk. About to be consumed from large black sand breakfast bowl.

Ahanoa Wha

Old mate Turkey sam's foot sitting in natural textured vase, with a side of ginger.

Ahanoa Toru

Large white textured fruit bowl, sitting on small pile of fruit.

Ahanoa Rua

Spilt egg and ladle, hand carved handle.

Ahanoa Kotahi

Meat tension, feat smooth and textured vase.

Ahanoa Kore

White glaze vase, pomegranate and lime stack.